Hating Breitbart (2012)


The Hating Breitbart (2013) was released on 2012-05-17 and has PG-13 MPAA Rating. This film features an ensemble cast that includes Andrew Breitbart as , Orson Bean as , Susie Breitbart as , James O'Keefe as , Max Blumenthal as .

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From ACORN to Weinergate, HATING BREITBART tells the story of one man with a website who forever changed the media paradigm, upending the traditional press and changing the ground rules of political journalism. He opened the floodgates to an army of citizen journalists who used new media to completely rewrite the narrative. In the process, he repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy as the old paradigm's supporters pushed back. (c) Official Site

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